Fabric for Sale

I'm cleaning out my stash before DH finds it! Most of this has been up in the attic for years so it will need a good ironing (yuck!). This is a non-smoking home with no pets. Some of the fabric has that new, nused smell to it and may need an airing out.

Buyer pays actual shipping. I accept Paypal, SolidTrust, Alert Pay, checks (must clear before shipping) and money orders. Enjoy!

Measurements are mostly accurate. My space to layout and measure is limited and I have two rugrats who think it is fun to jump on the fabric while Mommy is trying to measure!!!!!

Pink Flowers on Green  
44 1/2" x 56" wide
Cute pink flowers
on a dark green background
Sharon Kessler for
Concord Fabrics
Feels like light-weight
upholstery fabric.
Gold Leaves on Red  
Two Pieces
36" x 45" wide
58" x 45" wide
Beautiful fall cotton fabric
Gold leaf outline on
'spongy' red background
Barkcloth Era Fabric-Dragons & Cherubs  
3 yards x 57 1/2" wide
Vintage approx 1940-50's
100% cotton chintz with a 'shiny'
'smooth' look/feel.
Design of dragons/griffins/serpents
and cherubs/angels w/bows & arrows.
Repeat design 13" high x 14" wide
4 designs on width.
Cobalt blue and ecu.
Ghana Scroll Drapery/Upholstery Fabric  
3.8 yards x 57" wide
Medium blue background and
light brown design
of vines blooms and wildlife
(lions, birds, stag...)
right side of 1st pic what fabric
actually loks like.
The waves in the pics are from
my fab photography skills.
Linen w/Botanical Design  
2.5 yards x 56" wide
Leaf design with
horizontal repeat of ~24",
vertical repeat ~18".
Beige and dark Khaki.
Medium weight great for
upholstery, pillows and such.
Butterflies, Bees Dragonflies and LadyBugs  
~1.2 yards x 54" wide
Patterned, Woven
upholstery fabric on
clay pot, honeycomb background
light weave
Vintage Fleur De Lis
40's 50's
~37" x 70"
Great old pattern
light feel
not sure about fiber content
Light feel.
Unusual Shirt  
I found this shirt in the
crawl space of my house.
The bottom edge is unfinished
but the sides match in pattern.
The embroidery looks
almost hand done.
There is a stablizing
fabric (muslin?) in the inside
under the fabric.
Very Unusual.
Feels like a cotton fabric.
Close(r)-up of
stitching on front
Detail of stitching
at bottom of 'V'
A - 16"
B1 - 39"
B2 - 30"
C - 40"
D - 24 1/2"
E - 3 1/4"
F - 10"
G - 5"